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Activist #MMT - podcast

Jun 5, 2022

Welcome to episode 123 of Activist #MMT - podcast. Today's part two of my two-part conversation with Steven Hail, discussing the new and unprecedented graduate program in economics of sustainability. The program, which starts in September 2022, will be run by Torrens University, is backed by Modern Money Lab, and is primarily developed by Steven and Australia's leading ecological economist, Phil Lawn.

Last week in part one, Steven talked about how the program came to be, the resistance to be expected from neoclassical economics departments, and the basics of ecological economics. Today, he gives an overview of the program's curriculum, and the various degrees a student can pursue. I'm determined to earn a masters degree. After that then, well, we'll see.

Before we begin, a minor clarification: Near the end, I say my studies with Asad Zaman might be worthy of an elective. Although integrating a course into the curriculum I think would be great (and I believe to actually much more unique than is currently available), I only mean getting a potential credit for myself, for independent study.

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And now, let's get right back to my conversation Steven Hail. Enjoy.

Audio chapters

  • 4:13 - Torrens' curriculum, and how it overlaps with the knowledge of moderately experienced laypeople
  • 7:05 - Subject- Fundamentals of modern money
  • 8:18 - Subject- Foundations of 21st-century economics (Economy < society < planet)
  • 10:18 - Subject- Advanced Macro for master's students
  • 11:22 - Subject- International finance and MMT (International Minsky)
  • 14:59 - Subject- Ecological economics
  • 17:01 - Subject- Post-Keynesian microeconomics
  • 17:40 - Subject- Data analysis, message of empirical investigation
  • 18:25 - Subject- Professional economic writing
  • 19:18 - Subject- Inequality, equity, and employment
  • 19:45 - The various degrees to pursue
  • 21:02 - The unique requirements of the doctoral program
  • 27:16 - At what point does someone decide to continue onto the doctoral program? (Also- saving the world)
  • 30:47 - History of economic thought in contending perspectives
  • 31:54 - Only good maths and models. No bad math.
  • 34:38 - Historical context for real-world economics (Asad Zaman)
  • 43:33 - $2,200/per subject, then goodbyes
  • 47:26 - Duplicate of introduction, but with no background music