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Activist #MMT - podcast

Nov 19, 2019

8-30-2020: This episode has been fully reproduced. Same content, better quality.

A conversation with three fellow MMT activists (Iryna Rychko, Geoff Ginter, and Ryan Mathis) in our car ride home from the Third Annual International MMT Conference in Long Island, New York. We are four MMT activists (smart about MMT but not formally educated in economics) reflecting on the conference, and our hopes for the future. This car ride is on our way from our rental home, to dropping Iryna off at Laguardia Airport. Shout out to our two other housemates Erin Taylor and her husband Ron.


Do you ever wonder how bold are the lies?
That exit the mouths of our "fellow allies."
They're paid to continue their sad little tries
in order to get us to give up our rights.
The bolder the lie, the more they will get
by saying that spending's resulting in debt.
The debt is a ledger, just simple spreadsheets
containing decisions of wealthy elites.
I know it's our money and now it is time
to rid of the liars and take what is mine.

– Iryna Rychko, inspired by Geoff Ginter and #MMTConf19


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