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Activist #MMT - podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to the first Activist #MMT candidate interview, hosted by Ramona Massachi, and co-hosted by me, Jeff Epstein. Today we talk with candidate Jason Call who is running in Washington state's second congressional district, against a twenty-year incumbent that Jason calls "arguably the most corporate-conservative Democrat in the Washington state delegation." This is someone who benefits from large donations from corporations that pollute and exacerbate the climate crisis, among other things.

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(A big thanks to Beyond the Spectrum for the "MMT Candidate" logo.)

In 2020, Jason came within one percentage point of placing second in a district where the top two candidates, regardless of party, move onto the general election. He earned around 35,000 votes on a shoestring budget of $50,000. For the upcoming primary in August 2022, he's going to need a lot more than that to breach the top two, and have an actual policy debate with a candidate who has little to offer beyond moderately less abuse than the Republican.

You can support Jason‘s candidacy by visiting (that's F-O-R, not the number 4).

There are three goals of this MMT candidate interview series: the first is to support and give a platform to candidates who care about all people, and because of this, are ignored by the so-called news outlets that are, in reality, news of, by, and for the rich. The second goal is to determine what these candidates need to beat corrupt opponents supported by a corrupt party in a corrupt campaign finance system, and especially, once in office, to avoid becoming corrupted themselves. Finally, the third goal is to create a community of like minded, MMT-aware candidates who can support each other through their campaigns, and especially once in office. The latter is in order to remain focused on what really matters, which is all their constituents, in an environment where there is overwhelming pressure to focus only on the needs, favors, promises, and especially money of big donors – both in and out of their district.

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And now, onto our conversation with candidate for Washington state's second congressional district, Jason Call. Enjoy.