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Activist #MMT - podcast

May 31, 2022

Welcome to season 2, episode 6 of Modern Money Doughnuts (MMD), hosted by Steven Hail and Gabrielle Bond. MMD is an international show about modern monetary theory and ecological economics. This week, Steven and Gabie talk to South Australian activist Paul Willey about a campaign for our state to adopt stronger clean energy targets, more sustainable land use and biodiversity protection: in other words, living within the doughnut.

(All episodes of Modern Money Donuts can be found on this page by Modern Money Labs.)

Here's the video from which this audio comes from. (The audio is unedited.)

MMD is hosted by Kerberos Media, and the audio podcast is, for now, hosted by Activist #MMT. So if you'd like to be automatically notified of each new MMD episode, then subscribe to Activist #MMT on your favorite podcast platform.